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The CAD class recorded here was held in January & February 2009. This is a class on how to design a scale model airplane in CAD, using 3-view drawings as a starting point. The concepts covered are applicable to designing any model airplane. The course consists of approximately 10 hours of instruction.

Introductory Price: $59.95

If you're interested in taking the class, see the Wings on the Web Store for pricing and availability. The first session (both sections) can be downloaded free of charge for evaluation. Upon payment, you will be given a URL, login and password to access the full course content.


The class is based on TurboCAD Designer 15 . This is an inexpensive CAD program which has all the features needed for basic model airplane design. Earlier versions of TurboCAD are usable, though the features and interfaces may be slightly different from what you see in the class. Later versions may have additional features not seen in version 15.


The first part of the class (CAD 101) was held in two sections. This was done because there were too many people for a good interactive session. We ended up with about 5-6 people per section. CAD 102 was the follow-on class. We had only one section of that because not everyone from CAD 101 went on to take CAD 102.

The main difference between Section 1 and Section 2 was the subject chosen. Since we had two groups, each was allowed to choose a subject aircraft. Section 1 chose the Klemm 35, section 2 chose the Aichi D4Y "Judy". The content of the two sections was more or less the same. The presentation was a bit smoother at times in section 2, since I learned a few lessons in Section 1 that were applied in section 2.

WebEx Recording Players

The class was held and recorded using WebEx, the excellent web based meeting tool by Cisco Systems. You should check the WebEx website for the latest info, but the links below work as of March 2010. The files are in ARF format. The player allows you to pause and skip any time you like.

Player for Windows/PC
Player for Mac (Intel)
Player for Mac (powerpc)

Class Content - CAD 101 (four sessions)

CAD 101 - Session 1

To download files, either Shift-left-click or Right-click then "Save As".

WebEx (ARF) Recording - CAD 101 Section 1 Session 1

WebEx (ARF) Recording - CAD 101 Section 2 Session 1

TurboCAD Interface

Importing and Tracing Raster Images

CAD 101 - Session 2

Justifying & Aligning the Raw Tracings

Scale & Size considerations

Bulkhead (former) and Rib/Spar placement

Laying out Fuselage Formers

CAD 101 - Session 3

Former Design; Lofting

CAD 101 - Session 4

Misc. Commands

Wing Design

Printing & Plotting

Class Content - CAD 102 (four sessions)

Class Project Review



Wing Design (cont.)

Material Selection

Major Assembly

Printing & Plotting

CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing)

3D CAD (Vector)


CAD 102 - Session 1

CAD 102 - Session 2

CAD 102 - Session 3

CAD 102 - Session 4

Further Info

There is a Google Group for exchanging information among class members. The original "live" participants are still on this group and many would be interested to hear from others who are learning CAD model airplane design.