The Bv 141 was designed to meet a specification for a single engine observation aircraft with all-round visibility and unobstructed fields of defensive fire.

The resulting design was ingenious. The asymmetrical layout cancels the torque of the engine, making it fly straight and true. Pilots reported excellent handling qualities, and visibility unmatched by any other design to date.

The Bv 141 never reached full production status. Its lack of success, however, was not due to its unorthodox design. This is merely a very persistent myth. The design in fact won the initial competition with the Fw 189. It was cancelled for two reasons. The BMW radial was the same one used in the Do 217 and the Fw 190, both of which were higher priority programs than the Bv 141. The RLM also gave some of the Blohm & Voss production space over to the Fw 200 program, which was also higher priority.