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Original Designs for Giant Scale R/C

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Welcome to the new Wings on the Web. We have moved to a new Internet Service Provider, but we are still offering the same plans and short kits.

If you're a builder that enjoys building from plans or scratch, you've come to the right place. We use the finest materials available, select balsa, plywood fiberglass, and clear vacuformed canopies.

Our Current Offerings

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Horten Ho 229 - 82" Span

The enigmatic flying wing from WWII. We offer plans, an all-wood short kit, and a deluxe short kit with fiberglass center section. See Price List for current pricing and availability. This is a challenging project for experienced builders and flyers only. For the first flights, a large field will be required. It should be 300 yards (275m) long at least, 200 yards (185m) if you have a clear approach path (no trees).

See here for the Hitler's Stealth Fighter page.

Building Guide - Deluxe
Building Guide - All Wood
BOM & Wood List - Deluxe
BOM & Wood List - All Wood
Photo Pack
YouTube Flight Video - Bungee Launch
YouTube Flight Video - ROG

Dornier Do 335 - 60" and 81" Spans

We offer Al Masters original plans and a short kit for the 81" version. We also offer a 60" version, re-designed in 3D CAD. This new design is more accurate and true to scale. We offer plans, a short kit and a fiberglass fuselage for this 60" version. See Price List for current pricing and availability.
60" Building Guide
60" Deluxe BOM & Wood List
60" All Wood BOM & Wood List
81" Building Guide
81" BOM
81" Wood List

Blohm und Voss Bv 141 - 87" Span

The classic assymetric design from WWII. Despite its strange appearance, this airplane flies very well. We offer plans, laser cut parts, cowl, and a fiberglass crew nacelle with clear vacuformed gun blister. See Price List for current pricing and availability.

Building Guide
BOM & Wood List
Building Guide
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CAD Class

A recorded CAD Class on how to design an R/C scale model in CAD.